Monday, December 26, 2011

Overlords eBooks Available Soon!

Overlord fans, did you receive a Nook, Kindle, or eReader over the holidays?  If so, you're in luck!  All three Overlords titles will be available in eBook format in just a few days!  And to celebrate our journey into the eBook arena, Legend of the Treasure and The Talisman of Unification will be offered for only $0.99!!!  Journey to Salvation costs only $9.99 as well!

If you would like to pre-order any of the titles, contact for more information.  Look for another announcement very soon that will guide you to our website,, on how to purchase your eBooks.

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Place Your Order Today!

The books have arrived and Overlord Enterprises is busy at work fulfilling Christmas orders!  What makes a perfect, unique gift for that special someone?  A personalized copy of the much anticipated third installment to The Overlords series, Journey to Salvation, that's what!  The 544-page novel's list price is $19.99 and you can secure your copy for on-time Christmas delivery by emailing  Also, there are special discounts being offered now for the first two books ($34.99) and all three books ($49.99).  Again, contact to place an order, but hurry the holidays are coming fast!

Saturday, December 3, 2011

The Overlords: Journey to Salvation Has Arrived!

As a special treat to our loyal bloggers, I present to you the cover design to The Overlords: Journey to Salvation!

Overlords fans, your patience has paid off!  The much anticipated third book in The Overlords series is finally here!  And, since you're part of the Overlords family, you have the chance to secure your copy before the general public!  Read on for more interesting facts about Mike's latest novel!

The Overlords: Journey to Salvation - A Preview

Journey to Salvation begins with Harrison Cross and his band of adventurers continuing their journey right where The Talisman of Unification leaves off.  Our heroes embark on a noble quest with the goal of reuniting humanity, but there are many obstacles blocking their path.  Lord Nigel Hammer, the ruthless of Governor of Concur, wishes nothing more than to put an end to Harrison's righteous quest, the Scynthians are intent to eradicate human existence altogether, and an underlying evil lurks throughout the land.  With all these obstacles to overcome, can Harrison and his friends succeed?   Buy the book and find out!

A note from the Author

Mike has worked on Journey to Salvation for the better part of four years, with the result being a 544-page novel.

"Journey to Salvation bridges the gap between the first two Overlords novels and the final installment.  I knew that the story needed to show the leadership qualities of Harrison Cross and I really think this book does just that.  However, a great fantasy story needs its fair share of adventure, battles, new characters, and engaging scenes, all of which I put into this storyline.  I really believe Overlords fans are going to be very happy with this book."

Purchase Your Copy Today!

The Overlords: Journey to Salvation is available for purchase in a number of ways and, for a limited time, all purchases come with a free autograph from Mike!  Also, all books ordered now will be delivered by Christmas.

  • To preorder your copy, contact  Please provide him with contact information and who to sign the book to.
  • To order your copy via our website, click here.
  • To purchase all three books at a discount, contact  Please provide him with contact information and who to sign the book to.

The Overlords: Journey to Salvation sells for $19.99 or purchase all three novels at a special discount price of $49.99!  Remember, personalized Overlords novels make a perfect unique gift for that special someone this holiday season!

Sunday, November 20, 2011

Overlord Enterprises Announces Their New Artist

After an extensive international search that included hundreds of applicants, Overlord Enterprises is happy to announce that Patrick Thompson has joined the ever-growing company!  Patrick's cutting edge artwork, forward thinking, and enthusiasm toward making Overlord Enterprises a globally recognizable name put him over the top!
When asked how Overlord Enterprises would benefit by having him on board, Patrick responded:

"I believe that I can bring the story of The Overlords to life with my unique vision, artistic talent, skills, and imagination, bringing to the series an extra oomph that will draw in readers."

His signature file also caught our attention, "I don't paint things.  I only paint the difference between things."

Patrick's responsibilities will include creating the cover design for Book Three, caricatures of the main characters, webisodes, book cover artwork for our clients, and much, much more.  As you can see, Patrick is going to be quite busy!

Thursday, October 6, 2011

One Page a Day ...

Being a part-time author can be trying at times.  Everyday life tends to come first most of the time, leaving my characters and story line waiting for me to sit in front of the computer again to continue their journey.  And don't get me started about the family!  A spouse and children can easily fill every minute of "free" time.

Knowing that many of you are in the same boat as me, I am often asked "How do you find time to write?"  The answer: whenever I can!  When I was younger, I'd write after 9:00 PM, when the kids and wife were in bed.  Now, the last thing I want to do before I doze off is continue a novel!  I find time after work, just before dinner, to be an ideal time.  My children are older and can fend for themselves, and my wife doesn't get home until 6:30.  Weekends are always a time to make up some ground, even though the lawn still needs to be cut, the driveway shoveled, the leaves raked, etc.  I can usually squeeze a couple of hours in between chores to continue my stories, but it's not easy.

One thing I do preach is writing one page a day.  A typical novel is 250-500 pages long, and with there being 365 days in a year, if you take this approach you'll have a novel done in a year's time (let's not get into editing right now, we're on a roll!)  I don't write every day, but the times I do I usual write more than one page.  The "one page a day" rule is an average, so work it how you see fit.

I hope this helps a little bit; at least you can feel some solace in knowing that even someone who has written three, 400+ page novels often finds it hard to write "all the time."

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

A Service to help Fellow Authors

To further help our fans and customers, Overlord Enterprises has created an offshoot company, (SPI).  Where Overlord Enterprises encompasses everything in the Overlords portfolio, including Overlords books and merchandise, Educational Services, Partnerships, and SPI, SPI was formed to handle writing services.  Under SPI, writers can benefit from expert one-on-one consultations with Mike and other SPI experts, editorial services, website design, newsletter creation and delivery, graphical artwork, self-publishing, eBooks, and much more!  Our hope at SPI is to help those soon-to-be authors reach their goal of publishing a novel, and with the wealth of experience and services offered by SPI, they can achieve that dream!  If you have further questions, visit our website, or contact

Saturday, September 10, 2011

More Murdock:The Early Years

I know I've left you hanging too long!  Here's more of Murdock's story:

Murdock ignored the man’s obvious attempt at distracting him. Homing in on his target, the young ranger pulled back his bow and let the arrow fly. All eyes followed the projectile that found its mark in the center of the target seconds later.

“Bull’s eye!” cheered Seth, as he jumped up and down with excitement.

The vendor stared at the target, his eyes round and mouth open. He then snapped his head and glared at Murdock. “You swindled me!” he exclaimed, his face turning red with anger. “You should’ve told me you were a marksman!”

Murdock remained cool. “You never asked.” He pointed to the tattered bow. “I want my prize now.”

The man continued to steam. Thrusting a finger in the boy’s face, he said, “No one gets the best of me!” He then turned, grabbed the worthless treasure, and shoved it into Murdock’s chest. “Get out of here and don’t come back!”

The young ranger chose not to respond. Instead, he accepted his winnings and gestured for his brother to move along.

“Let’s go, Seth,” said Murdock, quickening his pace, anxious to get away from the older person. 

When they were at a safe distance away from the vendor, Seth said, “I told you you could win that!”

Murdock handed the award to his brother. “Keep it. I have plenty of toys at home.”

Friday, August 19, 2011

Murdock's Saga Continues

As promised, here's more to young Murdock's story.  Enjoy!

“Young man,” he shouted at Murdock, “how would you like to try and hit the bull’s eye?” The man motioned to three targets that rested a hundred feet away.

“I don’t have any money,” said the teen, barely making eye contact.
 “Not even one gold piece?” said the man. “I bet you have at least one coin in your pocket.”
“I don’t want to try!” said Murdock with agitation in his voice.

The man tried another tactic. “How about this?”

Seth tugged on his brother’s sleeve, getting him to stop. “Aren’t you going to listen to what he has to say?”

Murdock stopped and glared at the con artist. “What?”

“I’ll give you your first shot for free and, if you hit the target, you’ll win a prize.” The person pointed to a rickety bow that leaned against a table.

The teenager pointed at the prize. “That piece of junk?”

“Hey, I had to win that from a marksman! It’s a fine piece of weaponry!”

Murdock rolled his eyes.

“And if you miss, you give me that coin you’re trying not to lose.”

The young ranger instinctively touched the sack on his belt, jingling the coins it contained. Squinting, he said, “I won’t miss.”

“Then it’s a deal!” The man waved Murdock over and showed him where to stand. “Wait right here,” he said.

The teen did his best not to appear agitated, but he failed miserably. A second later, the man returned with a tattered bow and arrow.

“You want me to hit that target using this?”

“That’s right.” The man’s eyes narrowed to slits. “What’s the matter, are you afraid to lose?” The man held his stare on the teenager.

“Come on, Murdock, you can do it!” encouraged his brother.

With a scowl, the young ranger snatched the bow and arrow from the man. He raised the bow, positioned the feathered portion of the projectile, and readied his shot.

The con artist leaned closer to the bowman. “Take your time,” he said in a soft voice. “You wouldn’t want to miss.”

Saturday, August 13, 2011

Call For Artists

Overlord Enterprises, a small but expanding company geared to authors, is excited to secure an Artist Partner who will work with us to roll out online projects for both the company and clients.  Exciting in-house ideas abound and the structure of the company allows for great flexibility. As the Lead Artist, you will be in charge of bringing ideas from brain to awesome.  Presently, you will need to build out the company's project needs (both online and off-line) in order to set the base at this beginning stage.  Soon after that - and even a little presently, creative projects for clients will be undertaken.  Examples of projects include:  book cover creation, interior book illustrations, website graphics, logos, character manifestation, online comic strips, etc.

The Artist Partner is not only able to build out our projects, but will be able to strategize about various client's and their online/off-line project needs.  As such, we are not tied to any one particular artistic skill.  Rather, value is viewed via flexibility, scope, breadth, past experience and - importantly - what you can bring to the organization's future.  The right candidate will become a partner in a potentially dynamic firm which is already generating capital.

Who you will be partnering with:

Overlords Enterprises has two major components, which are run by the same team:  The Overlords (book series) and Self Publishing Insight (author consulting).  The Overlords is on the verge of releasing book 3 of it's 4 book fantasy adventure series, launching short stories online and more.  Self Publishing Insight does writing presentations, author workshops, one-on-one consulting and more.  Our current team is comprised of a CEO (who is also the author), a Business Strategist and a Marketing Associate (intern).  Together we have over 4 decades of deep writing/business experience.
More desirable characteristics about you:
  • You create art all the time.
  • You know the word entrepreneur and it does not frighten you... it actually excites you.
  • Your art works in both online and off-line environments. 
  • You can embrace and are open to other people's visions, but definitely have your own thoughts.
  • You can cite specific examples of your rocking artistic ways by referencing portfolios/projects/websites/apps/etc. that you have worked on.

Environment, Compensation and Opportunity:

Since this is a small start-up company, it is preferred that you are based in the Rhode Island area (the author lives in Tiverton), but will be asked to work virtually for now.  The amount of time you put into the organization is not limited, but it can be less then full time at the outset.  Compensation is currently in the form of equity, client referrals, flexible hours, full artistic voice by which to mold the organization and the ability to be in control of growing the company's future.  As soon as possible, this will also include a competitive salary and benefits for all involved.

If you are interested in creating and keeping things fresh, enjoy a challenge, love being a part of something where you're truly appreciated and constantly contributing then please send an email to with any relevant information you feel would be prudent to include.  The more examples the better, a resume and mentioning why you are interested are all recommended.  All applicants will be reviewed and appropriate candidates will be contacted for further talks. We look forward to hearing from you!

Thursday, August 11, 2011

Xavier Murdock -- the Back Story

In an ongoing effort to ready my fans for Book Three in The Overlords series, I'll be starting back stories on some of the supporting characters.  Xavier Murdock, known simply as Murdock throughout the saga, is one of my favorite characters.  Cut from the Han Solo mold, Murdock is always there keeping Harrison in check, swigging ale, and ready for a fight!  Keep checking back for more additions to Murdock's storyline.  Here it goes!

“How long are you going to be away?” asked the young boy, sadness in his eyes.
            His brother did not answer right away; instead, he continued to stuff his backpack with clothes and other assorted necessities.  Lifting his eyes, he said, “Seth, for the last time, I don’t know how long I’ll be gone.”
            “But Xavier, what am I going to do while you’re not here?”
            The thin teenager stopped his packing and pointed a finger at his younger sibling.  “How many times do I have to tell you that I don’t like being called Xavier?”
            Xavier Murdock, who insisted people call him by his surname, had recently piqued the interest of several elders a few days earlier, his talents with the longbow no longer hidden.
            “I should never have won that contest,” said Murdock, shaking his head.
            Over the past weekend, fourteen year-old Murdock, his parents, and his brother, attended a local fair, partaking in Aegean festivities for a whole day.  While his father drank flagon upon flagon of ale, his two sons meddled about the fair grounds.
            Murdock had always enjoyed watching the jousting contest, in hopes of watching someone get knocked senseless off his horse.  As he and Seth meandered toward the area, a man called out to them ...

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

What Overlords Fans Have Been Craving!

To all the Overlords fans out there, Mike is giving you what you have wanted!  In an effort to whet your Overlords appetite in anticipation of the upcoming release of his third book in the fantasy series, Mike will be blogging short stories of the supporting characters on a bi-weekly basis.  One of Mike’s favorite characters is Xavier Murdock, the rogue ranger and expert marksman of the group.  He definitely had a checkered past, to say the least!  Look for new blog entry in your inbox or social network of choice.

Monday, July 11, 2011

Upcoming Events

Overlord Enterprises continues to be active in the community.  In July (Mondays starting 7/11), Mike will be at the Tiverton Public Library where he will conduct two five-week workshops for kids ages 9-17.  The workshops are comprised of five one-hour sessions where the kids will learn the finer points of character development, creating settings, plot points, and editing techniques.  With a little luck, the next great novelist will emerge from these sessions!

Also in July (7/19), Mike will be presenting “The Concepts of Writing and Publishing” at the East Bridgewater (MA) Public Library.  This two-hour session will cover everything from writing your novel, understanding agents, publishers, and self-publishing, to marketing and self-promotion.  This event is appropriate for want-to-be writers and experienced novelist alike.  There is also a book signing following the event for those who would like to purchase a copy of one of Mike’s Overlords books.

Hope to see you at one of these events!

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Unleashing the Writings of The Overlords and Much More!

We here at Overlord Enterprises want all of our loyal fans to know that our blogging site will go into full swing – starting now!  Our hope is to broaden our fan base via this blog and to inform everyone about all things Overlords, including the book series, workshops, school and library presentations, and our offshoot company  Our major vehicle for alerting our fans to new postings will be through our vast social network, using our newsletter, Facebook, and Twitter accounts as our driving force.  If you do not currently subscribe to our newsletter, contact and he will add you to our distribution list.  In addition, you can friend us on Facebook or follow us on Twitter (@Overlords) so that you do not miss anything in the upcoming months.  From all of us here at Overlord Enterprises, welcome aboard!