Sunday, June 17, 2012

The Overlords Turn 20!

It's hard to believe that this July marks the 20th anniversary of The Overlords.  At that time twenty years ago, I had given myself a week off between jobs and took advantage of that time to begin the novel that would define my writing life.  I remember staring at the computer screen, scrutinizing every word I wrote, trying to make everything perfect.  I learned a lot that day, mostly that I'm not perfect!

Over the years Harrison Cross and his adventurer friends leaped from my mind and into print, finally becoming "real."  My first novel, Legend of the Treasure, took fourteen years before making it to print.  However, that time was not wasted, in fact I learned so much in regards to writing, character development, the passive voice (ugh!), and editing, editing, editing!  I also met some great people who helped me along this journey, and without them, I would not have anything to my name.

The next six years resulted in two more books in The Overlords series, but also a website, a cool newsletter, blog, awesome artwork, and social networking as well as workshops and presentations on writing and self-promotion, mentoring, a self-publishing company and much, much more!  I always believe in giving back what I have learned, and I intend to continue to do just that.  I'm sure the future will bring new technologies to work with and more ways to get my work "out there!"

Finally, I want to thank all my fans for without you The Overlords would be nothing more than a few books between my son and I.  Instead, I have a modest following and I promise to deliver the highest quality work for them.  I'm busy working on the final chapter of my series and after that we'll see what the future will hold.  Thanks for reading ... and stay tuned!