Monday, December 26, 2011

Overlords eBooks Available Soon!

Overlord fans, did you receive a Nook, Kindle, or eReader over the holidays?  If so, you're in luck!  All three Overlords titles will be available in eBook format in just a few days!  And to celebrate our journey into the eBook arena, Legend of the Treasure and The Talisman of Unification will be offered for only $0.99!!!  Journey to Salvation costs only $9.99 as well!

If you would like to pre-order any of the titles, contact for more information.  Look for another announcement very soon that will guide you to our website,, on how to purchase your eBooks.

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Place Your Order Today!

The books have arrived and Overlord Enterprises is busy at work fulfilling Christmas orders!  What makes a perfect, unique gift for that special someone?  A personalized copy of the much anticipated third installment to The Overlords series, Journey to Salvation, that's what!  The 544-page novel's list price is $19.99 and you can secure your copy for on-time Christmas delivery by emailing  Also, there are special discounts being offered now for the first two books ($34.99) and all three books ($49.99).  Again, contact to place an order, but hurry the holidays are coming fast!

Saturday, December 3, 2011

The Overlords: Journey to Salvation Has Arrived!

As a special treat to our loyal bloggers, I present to you the cover design to The Overlords: Journey to Salvation!

Overlords fans, your patience has paid off!  The much anticipated third book in The Overlords series is finally here!  And, since you're part of the Overlords family, you have the chance to secure your copy before the general public!  Read on for more interesting facts about Mike's latest novel!

The Overlords: Journey to Salvation - A Preview

Journey to Salvation begins with Harrison Cross and his band of adventurers continuing their journey right where The Talisman of Unification leaves off.  Our heroes embark on a noble quest with the goal of reuniting humanity, but there are many obstacles blocking their path.  Lord Nigel Hammer, the ruthless of Governor of Concur, wishes nothing more than to put an end to Harrison's righteous quest, the Scynthians are intent to eradicate human existence altogether, and an underlying evil lurks throughout the land.  With all these obstacles to overcome, can Harrison and his friends succeed?   Buy the book and find out!

A note from the Author

Mike has worked on Journey to Salvation for the better part of four years, with the result being a 544-page novel.

"Journey to Salvation bridges the gap between the first two Overlords novels and the final installment.  I knew that the story needed to show the leadership qualities of Harrison Cross and I really think this book does just that.  However, a great fantasy story needs its fair share of adventure, battles, new characters, and engaging scenes, all of which I put into this storyline.  I really believe Overlords fans are going to be very happy with this book."

Purchase Your Copy Today!

The Overlords: Journey to Salvation is available for purchase in a number of ways and, for a limited time, all purchases come with a free autograph from Mike!  Also, all books ordered now will be delivered by Christmas.

  • To preorder your copy, contact  Please provide him with contact information and who to sign the book to.
  • To order your copy via our website, click here.
  • To purchase all three books at a discount, contact  Please provide him with contact information and who to sign the book to.

The Overlords: Journey to Salvation sells for $19.99 or purchase all three novels at a special discount price of $49.99!  Remember, personalized Overlords novels make a perfect unique gift for that special someone this holiday season!