Monday, October 8, 2012

Meet Overlord Enterprises' New Lead Artist!

We're always looking for great, innovative people to work with and we found that in Paul Abrams!  We loved Paul's art the moment we saw it.  Paul brings a wealth of experience to Overlord Enterprises, having created works for comic books, games, fine art galleries and private commissions.  His artwork has appeared in Marvel Comics, DC Comics, TSR, Heavy Metal, Lightning Entertainment and numerous other publications.   Here's what Paul has to say about joining Overlord Enterprises:

"I've always enjoyed creating fantasy art (as well as looking at it), so when Mike and Jon asked me to be a part of their project I was eager about the opportunity!  The Overlords is an exciting, well developed epic adventure series and provides lots of characters to be brought to life visually.  I look forward to it!"

Here are some links to see samples of Paul's work:

For Paul's Comic Book Art, click here.

For Paul's Portfolio, click here.

For Paul's Concept Art, click here.
To say we're excited to work with Paul is an understatement!  One of his first tasks with us will be to create The Overlords character set and bring them all to life, as well as to provide insight in Overlord Enterprises' ongoing projects.  We'll definitely keep you posted when we're ready to release Paul's creations to the world.