Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Meet Tony Gilbert and his Worthy Cause

In my effort to continue to bring my fans and fellow authors more exposure to others like them around the world, I introduce to you Tony Gilbert.  Tony hails from Braintree, a small town in Essex, England.  However, it's his story and charitable works that really caught my attention. I hope you enjoy what he has to say and, if you can, help out him and his cause.

My name is Tony Gilbert. I am a married father of three and I have been writing for just over a year.  I would like to tell you briefly about a short story that I have written and self-published on Kindle called ‘The Cloud Diary’.  It has received several incredible reviews and five star ratings.

‘The Cloud Diary’ is a tale of a young boy who has recently lost his mother.  His father slips into a deep depression and no one is able to draw him out of it.  The child is struggling at school and without someone at home to look up to; he looks as if he may slip into the depression that his father has disappeared within.

One day when walking home, the child finds a cloud, or maybe the cloud finds him. People read this in different ways: the cloud is his mother’s spirit; the cloud is an angel; the cloud is an imaginary friend.  I like to leave it up to my readers to make their own decisions about this.
Although this is a tale of bereavement, grief and mental illness, the ending will leave you with a sense of hope, a promise of a new beginning, whatever the odds.

When I wrote this story, I was so happy with it that I wanted to share it with as many people as possible.  Already, some of my readers have told me how much this story meant to them, helping them to understand the feelings they had after losing someone close to them.  I decided that I would sell the book for charity but I couldn’t find a charity who I thought the content matched.  Then, I discovered Winston’s Wish.

Winston’s Wish helps children to rebuild their lives after the death of a parent or sibling, enabling them to face the future with confidence and hope.  They are the largest provider of childhood bereavement services in the UK and offer the widest range of practical support and guidance to children, families, professionals and anyone concerned about a bereaved child.  For more information please visit www.winstonswish.org

‘The Cloud Diary’ is available on Amazon Kindle on the below links:

My children’s story, 'Hugo - A Quest for King Borin' is aimed at children between the ages of 7 and 12.  It follows Hugo, the young knight as he makes his way across many miles, meeting fantastic creatures and facing treacherous challenges towards the realms of Queen Ennet.  What will he find when he arrives and how will he survive his final and most dangerous challenge?

‘Hugo – A Quest for King Borin’ is available on Amazon Kindle on the below links:

If you would like to contact me then please don’t hesitate to contact me on any of the following links:

Goodreads - http://www.goodreads.com/tonygilbert8

Saturday, March 23, 2013

The Concepts of Writing and Publishing

On Saturday, February 23rd, Mike presented "The Concepts of Writing and Publishing" to over two dozen hopeful authors.  The patrons learned the finer points of writing, character development, plot points, and the Four-Pass Editing Process, as well as self-marketing, eBooks, social networking, and much, much more!  If you are interested in having Mike come to your local school or library, contact him at Mike@The-Overlords.com.

The Overlords Series

Mike Presenting to Hopeful Authors

Mike and Prudence Fallon, librarian from the Tiverton Public Library

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

An Interview With Harrison Cross

Overlords fans, do we have a treat for you!  As you might know, I have been doing reciprocal blog postings with other fellow authors.  Draegon Grey and I have been swapping postings for the past couple of months and he has graciously asked to conduct a character interview with the lead character in The Overlords series, Harrison Cross.  The intent of these interviews is to hear Harrison in his own voice and away from his adventure.  I think this unique interview setting is actually pretty cool and I hope you feel the same!  You can read the interview here. Enjoy!


Harrison Cross

Monday, March 4, 2013

I Have to Tweet Now?

Have you written a book, self-published maybe, and are now having trouble making sales? Maybe you're not reaching as many people as you think.  I recently posted on Beth Barany's Writer's Fun Zone blog talking about what I did to self-market and self-promote my Overlords fantasy novels.  And, most of the points I make include services that are free to you!

Visit Beth's blog using the link above to read my article.  Look for Beth, a fellow author, to guest post on this blog in the very near future.  And for help with all the services listed in the posting, visit Self Publishing Insight for more information.