Sunday, January 27, 2013

Author and Character Interviews

A few weeks ago I was under my Overlords LinkedIn account when I saw an interesting group discussion.  Draegon Grey, an online interviewer and blogger, was asking authors if they would be interested in having unique interviews.  Specifically, he would interview the characters in their books.  This intrigued me and I decided to contact Draegon.  Draegon asked for a copy of The Overlords: Legend of the Treasure in order to familiarize himself with The Overlords story line  as well as the character base.  We then went back and forth with an online interview, with the final product appearing on his website, Draegongrey.  Visit his site and check out the interview for yourself, as well as a review of the first book in the Overlords saga.

In the next coming weeks we'll start with the character interviews.  It will be nice to answer questions as Harrison, Murdock, Marcus or Swinkle.  It will also give Overlord fans a deeper insight into their favorite characters.  I hope you join us as we delve into the characters that I've known for over twenty years.  Check back here as well as The Overlords Book Series Facebook page for more information.  To purchase Overlords books and/or eBooks, visit The Overlords website.  Lastly, I would love to hear your thoughts on the whole exercise.  You can contact me directly at