Tuesday, September 13, 2011

A Service to help Fellow Authors

To further help our fans and customers, Overlord Enterprises has created an offshoot company, SelfPublishingInsight.com (SPI).  Where Overlord Enterprises encompasses everything in the Overlords portfolio, including Overlords books and merchandise, Educational Services, Partnerships, and SPI, SPI was formed to handle writing services.  Under SPI, writers can benefit from expert one-on-one consultations with Mike and other SPI experts, editorial services, website design, newsletter creation and delivery, graphical artwork, self-publishing, eBooks, and much more!  Our hope at SPI is to help those soon-to-be authors reach their goal of publishing a novel, and with the wealth of experience and services offered by SPI, they can achieve that dream!  If you have further questions, visit our website www.selfpublishinginsight.com, or contact jon@the-overlords.com.

Saturday, September 10, 2011

More Murdock:The Early Years

I know I've left you hanging too long!  Here's more of Murdock's story:

Murdock ignored the man’s obvious attempt at distracting him. Homing in on his target, the young ranger pulled back his bow and let the arrow fly. All eyes followed the projectile that found its mark in the center of the target seconds later.

“Bull’s eye!” cheered Seth, as he jumped up and down with excitement.

The vendor stared at the target, his eyes round and mouth open. He then snapped his head and glared at Murdock. “You swindled me!” he exclaimed, his face turning red with anger. “You should’ve told me you were a marksman!”

Murdock remained cool. “You never asked.” He pointed to the tattered bow. “I want my prize now.”

The man continued to steam. Thrusting a finger in the boy’s face, he said, “No one gets the best of me!” He then turned, grabbed the worthless treasure, and shoved it into Murdock’s chest. “Get out of here and don’t come back!”

The young ranger chose not to respond. Instead, he accepted his winnings and gestured for his brother to move along.

“Let’s go, Seth,” said Murdock, quickening his pace, anxious to get away from the older person. 

When they were at a safe distance away from the vendor, Seth said, “I told you you could win that!”

Murdock handed the award to his brother. “Keep it. I have plenty of toys at home.”