Wednesday, November 5, 2014

ARIA Expo Blog Tour, Ashley Richer

Mike:  Hi, Ashley.  I’m happy to have yet another Association of Rhode Island Author (ARIA) to introduce to my Overlords fan base.  As with the others, we’re going to do an old fashioned interview.  Here we go!

Mike:  Ashley, please introduce yourself to my Overlords fans with a little information about you and where you’re from.

Ashley:  My name is Ashley Richer.  I was born and raised in Rhode Island.  I have lived in Narragansett for 12 years and don’t plan on ever leaving.

Mike:  What are you working on these days and what’s the current status of that project?

Ashley:  I am in the final stages if self publishing my first children’s book of a series.  I have been writing the, “Tyler’s TALL Tales” series for 10 years now.  It is a dream come true to be publishing, “Chasing the Moon” which is the first book in the series!

Mike:  Can you tell the audience what inspires you to write?

Ashley:  My high school English teacher inspired me to pursue my writing.  She is now my editor for my books!  However, my biggest inspiration the past four years has been overcoming medical odds.  When I was 24 I survived a rare medical scare, which put life into perspective.  It was at that time that I decided to publish my books.

Mike:  What genre do you enjoy writing the most?

Ashley:  I am known as the kid whisperer… all things kid related is what I excel at. So, writing children’s books with tons of adventure and imagination is definitely my favorite genre.  However, I am writing a young adult novel too!

Mike:  Any upcoming projects we should now about?

Ashley:  Be sure to follow the Tyler’s TALL Tales adventure at or help the self-publishing process at

Mike:  OK, time for some quick ones, ready?  Favorite movie?

Ashley:  The Goonies, clearly

Mike: Favorite food or dish to make?

Ashley:  I am a crockpot genius… and I make a mean carrot cake from scratch

Mike:  Favorite place you have ever visited?

Ashley:  Italy, hands down

Mike:  Favorite music band?

Ashley:  I am a country girl!

Mike:  Favorite book, and no it can’t be one of yours!

Ashley:  Unbroken

Mike:  Ashley, thanks for being such a good sport!  Is there anything you would like to leave my fans with?

Ashley:  Mike is an awesome guy, a huge supporter of his fellow authors, and a great guide for me to have as a new author.  Keep following his work and thanks for reading a little bit about me!

Mike:  Ashley, thanks for being part of this great blog series.  Please follow the links above to get in touch with Ashley and most importantly, support her upcoming book!

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