Wednesday, October 15, 2014

ARIA Expo Blog Tour, Jessica Metcalf

Mike:  Hi, Jessica.  Im happy to have yet another Association of Rhode Island Author (ARIA) to introduce to my Overlords fan base.  As with the others, were going to do an old fashioned interview.  Here we go!

Mike:  Jessica, please introduce yourself to my Overlords fans with a little information about you and where youre from.

Jessica: Hi Mike, thank you so much for having me on your blog! I am a Rhode Island girl, born and bred. I have recently published my very first novel this month and am psyched to get the word out to anyone and everyone. I currently live in Cranston with my artist boyfriend and our very artistic cat, Shadow.

Mike:  What are you working on these days and whats the current status of that project?

Jessica: I am actually working on a sequel to my first novel, The Last Daughter of Lilith, it is tentatively titled Liliths Tears but that could still change. I am in the rough draft stages of it and its shaping up to be a very different book from the first.

Mike:  Can you tell the audience what inspires you to write?

Jessica: Life, nature, anything and everything. I have been writing for as long as I can remember and it makes me feel good to put my thoughts and honestly, my soul, on the page for others to read and (hopefully) enjoy. I get my inspiration from songs or other writers or from people watching.

Mike:  What genre do you enjoy writing the most?

Jessica: I seem to lean towards Fantasy Fiction - I base it in reality though so that makes it more interesting to me.

Mike:  Any upcoming projects we should now about?

Jessica:  I am hoping to have a short story I wrote recently in a Fantasy anthology, but time will tell on that one and I am hard core into writing this sequel while also marketing The Last Daughter of Lilith as much as possible!

Mike:  OK, time for some quick ones, ready?  Favorite movie?

Jessica: Eeek! OKUmIts a tie between American Beauty and American Psycho

Mike: Favorite food or dish to make?

Jessica: My boyfriend makes the BEST hamburgers!

Mike:  Favorite place you have ever visited?

Jessica:  So far, it would have to be New Orleans.

Mike:  Favorite music band?

Jessica: Oh gosh, its always changing but if I have to pick one, David Bowie.

Mike:  Favorite book, and no it cant be one of yours!

Jessica: Again, I have to go with a tie, Stephen Kings The Stand and the 5th Harry Potter Book, Order of the Phoenix.

Mike:  Jessica , thanks for being such a good sport!  Is there anything you would like to leave my fans with?

Jessica: Thank you for having me and Id love to say your fans that I appreciate them reading this and I hope they go out and buy my book (wink wink) but more than anything, Id like them to know that whatever artistic endeavor they gravitate towards, keep pushing and keeping hustling, your dream WILL come true!

Mike:  Jessica, thanks for being part of this great blog series.  Please follow the links below to get in touch with Jessica and most importantly, buy her books!

Also, I am doing a book signing at a place in Providence, RI, called Symposium Books on October 18th if you wanted to work that in somewhere ;) My book is now available on Amazon and at

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